Our shop can turn a concept into a design and manufacture the parts to complete the project. We work from hand drawn sketches, prints or just an idea in your head. We can also reverse engineer your existing parts with any alterations you request. Here are a few examples of our past projects.

Our projects include:

Project: Water Tunnel

Researcher: Ben Davis

Description:  The water tunnel will help researchers develop new methods of generating electricity and more efficient space and marine vehicles like rockets and drones.

Project: Wood Sample Polisher


Researcher:  Joe Dahlen

Description: This Polisher is used to polish wood samples so that they can be imaged under a microscope. As part of that project, this polisher was used on samples from 210 trees, and over 24,000 images were collected from the polished samples.

Project: 3D Root Phenotyping Device


Researcher:  Alex Bucksch

Description: The 3D root scanner utilizes 10 industrial cameras mounted on a rotating curved frame to capture images from all sides of the maize root.

Project: Rhizotron Boxes


Researcher:  Anny Chung

Description: These Rhizoboxes quantify the belowground development of roots and mycorrhizal colonization in real-time. These Rhizoboxes allow a window into the belowground interactions of plants in a controlled space which would not be possible otherwise.

Project: Vet Med Horse Stocks

vet med horse stock#1
vet med horse stock#10

Researcher:  Dr. Gary Baxter

Description:  These horse stocks are used to aide in a variety of medical procedures administered to horses at UGA’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.